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WordPress Online Courses in Mozambique

Learn to use WordPress through our online WordPress course in Mozambique. Do you have a great online business idea? Are you wondering how to make your online business idea a reality? If so, then this course is for you! I have started several successful online businesses, and I want to show you how I did it. I'm not going to show you how to come up with a great business idea, there are lots of courses out there that do that, I'm going to show you how to actually get your online business idea out of your head and on to the internet. After all, an idea isn't worth a single penny until you act upon it. 2KO is an IT consulting and training company, offering both business services and multi-platform training. 2KO Africa's wide range of computer courses are available as full time classes, or as online learning.



What Kinds of Websites Can I Build?
Any kind you want. You can build e-Commerce sites, blogs, company websites, subscription sites, affiliate sites and more. In the course, you can follow along with me as I show you how I built my latest and greatest e-Commerce website. You will learn so much about how to build websites using WordPress that you will even be able to build websites for other people as a business!

9+ Hour Online Course
Build a Great Website with No Prior Experience
Get Your Website Online
Make Money with Your Business Ideas
Run Your Business for Only R50 Per Month
Create Great Online Content
Drive Traffic to Your Site
Course Completion Certificate
12 Month Access to All Course Material

Really useful information
I just about hired a website developer for my new business, but the final bill was going to be at least $4,000. I just went through this course and I was actually able to build the website myself. Thanks for the great info! It was also really nice to learn about search engine optimization. I know that's something I'll need to know to be successful.
Dwayne R.

Not as hard as I thought
I tried using WordPress a few years ago but couldn't even figure out how to install it. The installation in this course was super simple and I'm kicking myself that I couldn't figure it out. I'm on my way to building my first web site!

Gerry L.


Build Your Own Online Business with WordPress Online Course

What You Will Learn In This Course
How to build your own website
How to get your website online
How to create great online content
How to drive traffic to your site
How to run your online business for only $5 per month
How to build unlimited websites without paying a penny more
How to add and use Google Analytics
How to manage your webmaster account

Course Outline
Total Run Time: 9+ Hours

Module 1: Introduction to the Course
Why WordPress?
The Hosting Deal
Hosting Discount Link
Hosting Basics
Installing WordPress the Easy Way
Overview of the Site We're Building

Module 2: Changing the Look and Feel of Your Site
Logging In To Your WordPress Account
Overview of WordPress Themes
How to Change Your Theme
Changing the Theme Options
Changing Backgrounds
Changing the Header Image
Installing Premium Themes
Get Great WP Themes Here
Changing the Theme of Our Website
Setting Your Home Page

Module 3: Creating Blog Posts
The WordPress Dashboard
Changing Your Permalinks
How to Create a Blog Post
Blog Posts in Your Dashboard
Post Categories
Post Tags

Module 4: Adding Website Content
Building Your First Webpage
Embedding Images
Your Media Library
Adding New Media
Building Better Webpages
Creating and Organizing Sub-Pages

Module 5: Introduction to Widgets
Introduction to Widgets
Populating Your Sidebar with Widgets
Creating Custom WidgetsWidgets On Our Site

Module 6: Introduction to Plugins
Installing and Working with Plugins
Akismet Plugin
All In One SEO Plugin
WordPress SEO PluginW3 Total Cache Plugin

Module 7: Advanced WordPress Fundamentals

All Links

Link Categories
All Users
Adding New Users
Setting Your Profile
Available Tools
Import Tools
Export Tools
General Settings
Privacy Settings

Module 8: Advanced Content Development
Introduction to Custom Menus
Creating Custom Menus
Adding Custom Menus as Footers
Embedding Videos
Working with Tables
Content Creation Best Practices
Creating Contact Forms
Understanding Website Files

Module 9: Advanced WordPress Plugins
Updating Plugins
Malware Scanner Plugin
WP Socializer Plugin
Dynamic To Top Plugin
Lightbox Plugin
Easy Contact Forms Plugin

Module 10: Business e-Mail Accounts
Creating e-Mail Addresses
Forwarding to Gmail
Getting All Your e-Mails in One Place
Creating an e-Mail Signature

Module 11: RSS and Content Syndication
What Is RSS?
Understanding RSS
RSS From a User's Perspective
Aggregating RSS Feeds

Module 12: Integrating Free e-Commerce with PayPal
Introduction to PayPal
PayPal Account Settings
Creating a Payment Button
Adding Buy Now Buttons to Your Site
Changing Product Prices

Module 13: Integrating e-Commerce with the WP-eCommerce Plugin
Introduction to WP-eCommerce
Admin Settings
General Settings
Presentation Settings
Presentation Settings: Part 2
Adding New Products
Product Variations
Offering Coupons
Product Marketing
Product Settings
Product Tags

Module 14: Optimizing Your Site for Search Engines
XML Sitemaps
What Is Google Analytics
Adding Google Analytics to Your Site
Google Analytics for WordPress Plugin
Overview of Google Analytics
Keywords and Keyphrases
Keyword Density
More on Keyword Density
Optimizing On-Page Text
Optimizing On-Page Metadata
Using the Google Keyword Tool
Update Services
All In One SEO Plugin
WordPress SEO Plugin

Module 15: Understanding Google's Webmaster Tools
Finding Your Site on Google
Creating Great Content
Google Sitemaps
Webmaster Tools Message Center
Which Searches are Driving Traffic
Crawling Errors
Engaging with Social Networks
Avoiding Malicious Spammers

Module 16: Turbo Charge Your Online Business
Building Unlimited Websites for Free
Free Accounting Software
Adding Web Apps to Your Site

Module 17: Course Completion Certificate