Building Websites with Photoshop CC Online Course

Building Websites with Photoshop CC Online Courses in Mozambique


You'll learn how to best organize the Photoshop interface to streamline your workspace for web design, eliminating the clutter and making creating web pages fast and easy. Explore the various grid systems that can be used as templates to build professional looking web pages. Next, it's on to wireframing and UI design, where you'll learn how to create a mockup that can be sent to clients for approval, or simply kept for personal reference. You'll also discover how to build upon a wireframe to design a beautiful, and functional web page. Once you're satisfied with your design, this course will show you how to extract the HTML and CSS that will bring your design to life, and how to customize the code to suit your needs. So if you're interested in web design for fun or profit, this course will set you up with everything you will need. 2KO is an IT consulting and training company, offering both business services and multi-platform training. 2KO Africa's wide range of computer courses are available as full time classes, or as online learning.



Module 1: Welcome To Building Websites With Dreamweaver CS6!

Welcome to Dreamweaver CS6

A Look At What We'll Build


Module 2: Let's Get Started With Dreamweaver!

A Look at the Welcome Screen

Creating New Documents

Dreamweaver's Different Views

Touring the Dreamweaver Interface

Customizing the Interface

Exploring Dreamweaver Workspaces

Creating A Custom Workspace

Using the Tag Selector


Module 3: Working With Websites And Browsers!

Defining a New Site

Getting Organized in the Files Panel

Saving Files Into Your Local Site

Understanding Index Files

Previewing Your Work in A Web Browser


Module 4: Starting With Nothing: Building A Web Layout From Scratch!

Getting the Layout Started, Part 1

Getting the Layout Started, Part 2

Understanding How the Layout Works

Inserting the Main Menu

Creating the Main Content Area

Hand Coding Layout Containers

A More Economical Approach To Layout

Using Float And Clear

Previewing the Layout And Centering

Nesting Layout Objects

Spacing Apart the Layout

Final Touches


Module 5: Text And Css And Menus And More!

Inserting Text Into the Layout

Adjusting the Layout For Text, Part 1

Adjusting the Layout For Text, Part 2

Inserting Structural Headings

Redefining HTML's Top-Level Heading with CSS

Touring the CSS Rule Definition Dialog Box

Redefining Headings and Paragraphs

Working More Efficiently with CSS

Creating A CSS Class Rule

Alternative Ways of Working with Class Rules

Inserting and Formatting Lists

Using A List to Build A Menu, Part 1

Using A List to Build A Menu, Part 2


Module 6: And Now, Inserting Graphics!

Inserting an Image

Resizing Images with Dreamweaver and Photoshop

Controlling Graphics with CSS

Setting a Graphical Background

Inserting the FeatureBox Images

Setting Up the FeatureBox Titles

Inserting the Layout's Logo from Illustrator


Module 7: Going Further With Css: Using External Style Sheets!

Understanding Style Sheet Types

Organizing Your Style Sheet

Moving Styles to An External Style Sheet

Working with an External Style Sheet

Creating New Rules Externally


Module 8: Site Rollout: From A Single Page To A Multi-Page Site!

Getting Ready for Site Rollout

Creating Dummy Site Pages

Setting Up the Internal Hyperlink Structure

Creating The Site's Pages

Previewing And Testing The Site

A Final Thought on Site Rollout


Module 9: Inserting Additional Page Elements!

Adjusting the Site's Hyperlink Formatting

Inserting A Simple Slideshow

Inserting and Formatting Tables

Inserting A Google Map

Formatting A Customer Testimonial Page

Setting Up A Contact Us Page

Finalizing the Site


Module 10: Going Live: Uploading The Completed Site!

Setting the Remote Site Info

Uploading the Local Site to the Remote Server

Testing the Live Site

Making Edits and Updating the Live Site

Testing And Debugging For Other Browsers


Module 11: Now Go Forth And Create!

Where To Go From Here